Coaches Cable – August 2015


South Australia States Championships – 16th – 19th July 2015

This was a really enjoyable experience for all concerned, especially the coach. We swam at 3 out the 4 days of competition and were 5th in their point score at this stage. We won 26 medals and achieved our goal of racing finals every night, and the swimmers definitely swam faster in the finals. Don’t know if they want us back as the visitors medals were running out. I don’t think they expected the GK to takeover Adelaide Aquatic Centre.

Medal winners were Hayley Campbell, Chelsea Exell, James Gregory, Kirstie Juffermans, Georgia Marshall, Jason Martin, Liam Minotti, Kyle Murray, Kirsten Pannekoek, Eliza Van De Velde and Hannah Van De Velde.

Our Master Chefs in Sonja Pavlovic and Di Gregory received a signed apron each from the swimmers. I hope their families have asked them to wear them at home!



Perth City Classic – 18th July 2015

Some very exciting times and performances from this group of swimmers. Whole club was focused on this weekend whether in SA or HBF Stadium. Swam well with Verity Adams, Ryder Attwood, Chloe Hayes, Jade Mann and Drew Mann winning medals.

The Peel Aquatic Carnival - 9th August 2015

Was a great success, especially the relays at the end after a long day it was great to see the parents on fire in the cheering stakes! More personal bests from over 30 swimmers at this meet.

32 Gold, 16 Silver, 21 Bronze individual medals, plus 6 Gold and a Silver in the relays

GKDSC Swim Meet

This is where we get to show everyone how it’s done, so make sure you’re ready for the weekend of 29th & 30th August.  Entries close this Monday 24th August at 9pm!

It’s “States in September” time. From all those meets and qualifying, it’s time to put GK on the map this winter Championship series. If qualified in any events please enter or check with your coaches what events to swim. Remember full uniform to be worn at these Championships, no exceptions!


Upcoming Meets

  • 29th & 30th August 2015 - GKDSC Meet, Darling Range Sports College
  • 10th – 13th September 2015 – SWA Open & Age SC Championships (State Times)
  • 26th & 27th September 2015 – SWA Junior SC Championships (State times)


Quote of the Month:

"No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent"
Eleanor Roosevelt

Quote/Actions of the Month:

"The boiler part came by camel"

"It’s a lot brighter in the pool area, but don’t know why?"... Maybe the newly painted blocks. (PS also didn’t notice the new trophy cabinets)

"I really need a large coffee!".... 2 sips and left on pool deck. Maybe small would have been better!

"I can’t use my snorkel, because my mum hasn’t cleaned it"..... Okay clean it so we can use it at training again. 1 year ago to the month, SAME EXCUSE GIVEN TO COACH!!!!!! Stroke mechanics still lacking as well.

“I need a new sponge for training!” proudly exclaimed the swimmer. Coach diligently cuts a new one, “Can I have a smaller sponge than before”


Can you match up the Characters with the name of the SA swimmers? All received a swim cap with their character named on it.


Little Miss & Mr Characters



Kirsten Pannekoek

Chicken Chef

Caitlin Shepherd

Boom Gate

Georgia Marshall


Nikita Mawhirt

Open Doors

Liam Minottti


Kyle Murray

Dryer Mechanic

Thomas Gregory


James Gregory


Hannah Van De Velde


Eliza Van De Velde

Quotation Book

Kirstie Juffermans

Lost property

Chelsea Exell


Hayley Campbell

Blitz n Go

Rebecca Robinson

MIA (Missing in Adelaide)

Alexia Pavlovic

Porch Talker

Jason Martin


Brett Tongue


Time to go home!!

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