GK Swimming

Coaches Cable - June 2015


The Winter Season is well under way since the last Cable, with 3 outside meets and the first winter club meet now completed.

Firstly though was the Presentation evening with over 130 guests that was held at the Guildford Grammar School Pavilion. It was a fantastic evening with the major award winners being Jessica Pendal, Christopher Verran, Hayley Campbell and Michael Verran for the club point trophies. The Coaches Swimmer of the Year went to Kirsten Pannekoek after her major national performances and commitment to her sport.


Geraldton SC Classic - 30th & 31st May 2015

A great time and meet was had by everyone with the club’s overall medal count being 27 Gold, 29 Silver and 32 Bronze medals.

I believe everyone came back with a medal whether individually or in the relays. Eva Bailey and Rebecca Robinson won $50 in the Dash for cash handicap races, where I’m sure they gave the money to their parents?

I finally found a good coffee shop in the heart of Geraldton, so I stayed back a few days to enjoy the coffee beans!


Officials Pentathlon - 14th June 2015

This was the chance for many new swimmers to compete at HBF Stadium, as well as the experienced ones in a format that is based of 5 events. Again we raced consistently well, with many bringing home trophies for finishing high in their age categories.


Breakers Big Splash - 28th June 2015

A very pleasing meet for the club with 24 Gold, 17 Silver and 12 Bronze medals collected. It was great to see the skills improve from what I saw only two weeks earlier. Sadly it was Lauren Robinson’s last swim for the club as she and her family journey over to Brisbane to live.


Upcoming Meets

  • 3rd July 2015 - Club Meet 2, Darling Range Sports College


  • 16th July – 19th July 2015 – South Australia SC Championships
  • 18th July 2015 – Perth City Classic, HBF Stadium (Please enter if available, before the due date)

There will be NO Training available on Wednesday (15th), Friday AM (17th), Friday PM (17th), Saturday AM (18th) for any Sharks squad members or above due to the racing expectations on this weekend.

Training will still be available to Starfish, Seals and Dolphins on the Friday PM (17th), but if competing please do not train.


Quote of the Month:

Some say opportunity knocks only once. That is not true. Opportunity knocks all the time, but you have to be ready for it.         Louis L’ Amour


Quote/Actions of the Month:

 “Look, I can’t use my eye makeup for school as it”s broken!”

“Who shared a believe it or not in Geraldton from their iphone?” Rated 18 years and over

“If I’m disqualified do I still get a time?”

“I think we should change the club cap back to black!”

“Announcing out loud, See I am fit!” The training session that morning was seen puffing and panting on the wall after the warm up.

“This water is too cold, 32 degree water at GGS prep pool. What the?”

“Must save Benny the Beetle or something like that, Coach was super happy to save some black bug during main set of training!!

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