2017/18 Membership.


Welcome to GKDSC

If you are considering joining our club I suggest you have a quick browse on our website, and maybe check out our facebook page.  

First step will be to visit one of our pools during training times and have one of our coaches give your swimmer a quick assessment.  This will give you an idea of what squad they would be placed in, and will talk to you about recommended times and frequency for training.

If you would like to join the club our website includes the main information :

To sign up you can follow these links :

New Members
Renewing Members
Membership Upgrades

Adult Swimmers - We can now accept Adult Swimmers in to the LeisureSwim category!
LeisureSwim will cover you for adult pool training, and is actually an Open Water Category.  LeisureSwim does NOT give you access to our standard Squad Swimming.

We are currently looking at options to start a Masters Swimming Club - Watch this Space!

Transferring Members:
Swimming WA have a Member Transfer process that needs to be followed.  If you are transferring in to GKDSC please speak with your current club first.  You must complete Section A of the Transfer Form and get this form to your current club for them to sign.  Your current club will complete and sign Section B.  Once complete we can then sign-off on Section C.  To complete the transfer you must send the completed form to SWA, together with the $35 transfer fee.

If in doubt please feel free to ask any of the committee, or email us on Registrar@GKDSC.com.au.

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