Policies and Procedures:

Policy/Procedure/Form Document Reference Review Date
Constitution GK001

Accepted 10/3/2018
Amended 10/6/2018

Code of Conduct GK002 July 2019
Travelling Teams Policy GK011  
Athlete and Management Team Obligations GK012  
Athletes Agreement GK013  
Management Team Agreement GK014  
Medical Consent Form GK015 June 2019
Timekeeping Procedure GK016 May 2019
Healthy Club Policy GK006 Aug 2019
Inclusion Policy GK007  
Social Media Policy GK008 July 2019
Strategic Plan GK005 Nov 2018
Complaints Procedure GK020  
Club Handbook GK009  
Welcome Letter GK019  
How to Join the Club Letter GK010 Aug 2019
Swimming Australia Safe Sport Framework SAL_DOC  
Swimming Australia Parents Handbook SAL_DOC  
Use of Photography Policy GK017 March 2019
Good Sport Smoke Free Policy GS001 August 2019
Good Sport Safe Transport Policy GS003 August 2019
Good Sport Alcohol Management Policy GS002 August 2019
Athlete Welfare Fund GK018

June 2019

Guildford Grammar MOU GK021


DRSC Commercial Agreement GK022


Certificate of Incorporation GK023


Meeting Template GK024

March 2019

Certificate of Currency GK025

May 2019

ASIC Record of Registration GK026

Aug 2021


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