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Coaching Staff

Ed Adams

Head Coach: Edward Adams (Bronze, working towards Advanced Licence, Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science)

Brandon Bennier

Age Development, Open Water & Masters Head Coach: Brandon Bennier (Bronze Licence/Austswim)

Brandon has been with the club from a swimmer in his junior days, all the way through to Open Water National Championships. As well as being a past Club captain, Brandon has been leading the club's junior and intermediate coaching and teaching programs, and is also a qualified Austswim Learn to Swim teacher. Brandon has coached many swimmers over 9 years, including achieving their first Nationals before moving to higher squads.  Brandon is the Open Water Head Coach of the Club.   Brandon is a registered teacher during the day, well versed with working with kids and getting the best out of them.

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Michael Verran

Junior, Intermediate & Masters Coach:

Mıchael Verran (SA-TCS)

Mıchael is a very loyal and well respected member of the swimming club from being Club Captain to a National representative in Open Water and Pool over many years. He is already showing his love of passing on the technical aspects of stroke mechanics to the Junior & Intermediate squads. Michael has been coaching in the club for over 6 years, and is a registered teacher. He brings his teaching skills to the pool to convey the details of swim techniques.  

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Val Newboult

GGS Programs Head Coach:

Valerie Newboult (Bronze Licence/Austswim)

Val is happy to be teaching and coaching swimming in Perth after many years of experience in Melbourne in a selection of private schools.  Val has gained knowledge from working with a number of coaches in these roles, and has now been with GK for almost 10 years.  Val is a bronze licence coach, enabling her to perform land and water based training and program structures for the swimming year. Val enjoys the challenge of starting younger swimmers giving them the right grounding for an enjoyable swimming experience. Val spent her youth as a competitive swimmer.

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Chelsea Exell

Junior & Intermediates Coach:

Chelsea Exell (Austswim)

Chelsea shows a level of maturity beyond her years, working in our Learn to Swim program as a teacher and supervisor, stepping in to manage our Learn to Swim program when required, and coaching our Junior and Intermediate swimmers.  Chelsea came through the club as a swimmer, and enjoys contributing back to the club she grew up with.  Chelsea has been coaching and teaching with us for 3 years.

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Hayley Campbell

Junior & Intermediates Coach:

Hayley Campbell (SA-TCS, Austswim)

Hayley loves all things swimming and aspires to be a career swim coach. Hayley was a club swimmer in her younger years, and is still a regular at Open Water Swimming.  She not only coaches in our squad program but is also an active Learn to Swim teacher.

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Junior Coach:

Hayden Schwinkowski (Austswim)

Hayden is one of our current Performance Swimmers and National Qualifier.  He is full of energy and loves coaching the Junior swimmers, being a popular coach with the kids.  Hayden is Austswim certified and also teaches in our Learn to Swim Program.

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Junior Coach:

Joshua Pendal

Josh is a current club swimmer and is a National Representative. Josh joined the club in Primary School on a club scholarship awarded on his results at a junior school carnival.  He has been swimming ever since, attending both Age and Open Nationals.

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Junior Coach:

Elyssa Thomas (Austswim)

National Swimmer

WWCC Exp : Aug2024


Junior Coach:

Jen Casotti (SA-TCS), Learn to Swim Teacher

Rottnest Channel Swimmer

WWCC Exp : Feb2023


Intermediates Development Coach:

David Voysey (SA-TCS)

Dave is a unique coach, who brings a dynamic and energized approach to his coaching. Having watched his son perform at the highest level for the club, Dave has continued coaching in the program for the last 10 years from junior to senior level. 


Junior Coach:

Freya Jonker

National butterflyer, been with the club now for 8 years.


Strength and Conditioning:

Brad Brown - Rage Fitness

Rage Fitness was born out of the kindness, patience and respect of a young coach who taught this old dog some new tricks and was able to show me that I had the capacity to do more than I ever believed.

To quote Terry Pratchett "light a fire for someone and they are warm for a night, but set fire to them and they'll be warm for the rest of their lives".  This is what this coach instilled in me, not the extraodinary sense of humour as I had that already, but he lit the fire to show me that we can always learn something new, that we often need someone to challenge us to take that chance and that the rewards are worth the effort.


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