GK Swimming

Swimmer Pathway

At this Level GK Swimmers train to be the best they can be. With our experienced team of coaches, our swimmers will receive the greatest possible support to achieve their goals and climb up through the ranks of swimming.
Our swimmers will develop advanced racing skills and conditioning for performance and ​dryland programs. Always at the cutting edge, and at pace with the changing nature of competitive swimming.


Must be able swim all strokes at a performance level, knowing all training drills for all strokes. Be physically and mentally prepared to handle swimming sessions over 3.5km and willing to take part in the rewarding competitive side of swimming.

Age Devos

Age Devos


11yo Girl

12yo Boy

Top 3 in WA


12yo Girl

13yo Boy

Top 10 in WA

in 3 Events


13yo Girl

14yo Boy


Criteria 1

Criteria 2

Criteria 3

14yo Girl

15yo Boy

National Qualifier


16yo Top 10 in WA


17yo+ Willing to keep competing seriously

Age Devos

Age Senior Performance