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Community Nutrition Talks

In partnership with the City of Kalamunda, as well as Nutrition Works, the club is hosting a number of Sports Nutrition talks aimed at both participants and parents/guardians of the City's young athletes.  These sessions will also provide a forum to ask any Nutrition questions you may have with regards to fuelling your kids ready to perform at their best.

As a club we have run these sessions internally and received great feedback from both parents and swimmers around changing some eating habits, and having the correct food plans for competition, and recovering from training.  Nutrition Works has broad Nutrition skills across various sports, with Simone being the Sports Dietitian for the West Coast Eagles.

3 Sessions available:

18th Feb - 5:30pm

Everyday Nutrition
Training  Nutrition
Game Day Nutrition

4th March - 5:30pm

Healthy Snacks
Boosting Energy

18th March - 5:30pm

Training Nutrition
Game Day Nutrition
Healthy Snacks