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UDIO - New way to Swim

Covid changed the way we operated forever, some things were better, others were frankly a bit of a pain.  It's time to keep the benefits and try to remove some of the pain....

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Pre-covid all training was paid monthly, if you swam once, you paid for the month.
This relied on coaches taking paper attendance, families making direct deposits to the club account, and the Treasurer chasing those who hadn't paid, and manually reconciling payments in the club bank account.
Covid changed how we had to operate, in particular:
  • Capping attendance
  • Register of participants
We looked for technology to support this, and moved to Wix.
Wix provided the functionality we needed, and more.  All sessions were booked, coaches take attendance on their phones, payments were completed online and auto reconciled, greater flexibility with training plans was added, managing a learn to swim program evolved.
Downside - Swimmers needed to book every session, had to ensure they purchased plans, club having to monitor and remind those not booking/paying.
Udio is an industry standard CRM application designed for Learn to Swim.  It is used by various Learn to Swim businesses, including Swimming WA.  It is a natural progression for the management of DR Swim.  We will be extending it's use across our Squad program to leverage some benefits:
  • Auto booking of your favourite sessions
  • Auto-renewal of training plans (either invoiced periodically, or can setup direct-debit if you prefer)
  • Industry standard platform making people transitions easier
  • Local Perth based support
For a Swimmer - if you train on regular days, you setup once and do nothing else until you decide to stop swimming.
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