Club Technical Officials

Technical Officials are a Volunteer Role, and enable us to not only record official times at our club meets, but also by maintaining at least 3 Officials we are able to host our Annual Junior Meet - Our main fund-raiser each year.

In appreciation of our Officials volunteering their time the club covers the cost of registering with Swimming WA as a Technical Official.

* = Certified Officials

* Caron Bennier

Referee Lvl 2; Starter Lvl 1; JOS, IOT, OWS Referee

* Jen Cassoti

JOS; IOT; AOE(Training)

* Cheryl Glew

JOS; IOT(Training); CoC (Training); CS (Training); Starter (Training)

Lauren Kettle

CoC (Training); CS (Training); Starter (Training)

* David Llewellyn

CS; JOS; Starter (Training)

Steve Thomas

JOS (Training); IOT (Training)

* Trevor Verran

Referee Lvl 2; Starter Lvl 2; JOS; IOT; Course Presenter, Assessor