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Squad Absence - Request for Credit

If you will be missing a substantial amount of Squad training, or are unable to attend for medical reasons, we can apply a credit to your account for the missed time.  Plans can no longer be "Paused", or extended.  As credits are applied we are required to include an approved request for credit for our auditors.

Learn to Swim are able to cancel a session through Udio and will receive 1 MakeUp voucher per month that they can use to rebook in the following 2 weeks.  Sessions MUST be cancelled in advance to allow us to move teachers around if required.

Stopping Training - Our training plans are setup as perpetual - meaning they will auto renew at the start of each period.  It is your responsibility to notify us prior to the next renewal if you would like to stop your plans.  Think of it like a Netflix Subscription, once it renews you have it for the next month, we are unable to refund or credit back if you forget to tell us.  If you inform us at any time in your last training period (typically monthly or fortnightly) then we can stop the auto-renewal and make your training slot available to others.

Medical Break - If you have to stop training for medical reasons, but don't wish to cancel your plan, we can apply credits to your account for the time missed.  Credits will be calculated based on the time absent (date notified until date covered by a medical certificate) and it's impact on your current plan.  For example if you are out of the water for a week and are on a fortnightly plan, half the value of the fortnightly plan will be applied as a credit against your account and will be discounted at the next plan renewal.

Holidays - We understand that family time is important, including holidays.  If you are going on holidays and notify us in advance, we can apply a credit for missed training due to holidays.  Applications must be for a minimum of 1 week, and 1 application per month.

Submit Training Absence Request

*Training credits cannot be back-dated.  

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Thanks for submitting - we typically require 3 days to action.

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