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Guildford and Kalamunda Districts Swimming Club runs Squad Swimming Programs out of both Darling Range Sports College, and Guildford Grammar School.  Our programs are Swimming WA affiliated, and participation requires membership both with Swimming WA, and the Club.  Membership is annual, while training is paid on a per session, per week, per fotnight, or per month basis based on participation (no swim, no pay)

If you can swim 50m Freestyle, Breaststroke, and Backstroke, correctly and efficiently, then you are ready for squad swimming.  Come down to one of our pools for a FREE trial.  Sessions can be booked on the Free Trial Link at the top of this page.  We will get you in the water for a quick assessment, and if you are up for it add you in to one of the running squads.  You can then come back for a second swim to make sure squad swimming is for you before joining or incurring any cost.  You must be a member in order to continue swimming after the second trial.

The below is an indication of what is required for each of our squads.  Please talk to our coaches around your swimming goals and they can assist you to ensure you are in the correct squad and doing an appropriate number of session.  Remember - each swimmer is an individual with their own goals, the below is a guide only.


Must be able to swim a minimum distance of 50 metres in freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke correctly and efficiently.

2 – 3 sessions recommended.






Goggles, Flippers, Kickboard, Drink Bottle, Swim Cap.


Must be able to swim a minimum distance of 200 metres in freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke correctly and efficiently. Have knowledge of how to do all turns and starts.
2 – 4 sessions recommended.




Same as Starfish + Pull Buoy


Must be able to swim 2000 – 3000 metres each training session correctly and efficiently. Must know all turns, starts and finishes. Able to understand the pace clock.
3 – 5 sessions recommended.



Same as Starfish + Pull Buoy


Must be able to swim all strokes correctly and efficiently. Must know how to do all training drills for all strokes. Be physically and mentally capable to handle swimming 4000 – 5000 metres each training session.

4 – 6 sessions recommended.


Same as Dolphins + Stroke Snorkel, Nose Clips, Gym Training Shirt

Age Development

Must want to achieve a high level of swimming and training. Able to physically and mentally handle the demands of high volume and intensity of training. Know all the fundamentals of swimming, including heart rates, training sets etc.
5 – 7 sessions recommended.




Same as Sharks + Sponge, Tech Paddle, Original Short Fins


Must be wanting to strive for the highest level of excellence in performance and training to the best of their ability. Must meet the individual contract and coaches guidelines/criteria.  Must attend a minimum of seven pool sessions per week. Must be able to perform at a minimum of State Age finals standard.
Min 7 sessions required.


Same as Age Devos + Power Paddles, Mono Fin, Tempo Trainer, Foam Roller (Optional)


For those Senior age swimmers who want to train at a senior level but don’t/can’t commit to a high level of sessions per week. Still competitive at most levels of swimming.

4 – 6 sessions recommended.


Same as Sharks + Sponge, Tech Paddle, Original Short Fins


Adult swimming either for fitness, social, or post high-performance swimmers.










Goggles, Kickboard, Flippers, Pull Buoy, Drink Bottle

COACHES NOTE: The above is a general idea of the requirements for all of the club training squads. The Head Coach has the final decision on what squad the swimmer will be involved in. Factors that can affect this decision, could be Maturity, Age, Physical and Mental Attributes. The decision is made with the best interests of the swimmer in mind. When first joining the club you may find yourself in a lower squad than you expected - as ability to move up is demonstrated, you will be moved up.

There are Club Flippers/Kickboards/Pull Buoys available for training sessions. It is advisable to have your own training equipment so you know everything fits and suits the wearer. As you progress through the squad, it is important to have all the above equipment, especially from the Sharks squads and above.

Equipment Guide:



Any type of racing goggles are permitted. Please make sure you distinguish between junior and senior goggles when purchasing. Available from our GK Swim Shop.

Pull Buoy/Kickboard

Pull Buoy and Kickboard can be the Dual use Brand or separate. Kickboard not to be the extra long type.



Flippers are the normal flexible size fins. Not the Firm Diver Fins. These are mainly used for technique/drills throughout all squads. Flippers are the most important piece of equipment when starting in our program. These are the only fins that we use from Starfish to Sharks squads.

Short Fins

There are two types of Short fins, both made from silicone to reduce the occurrence of skin irritations. These are designed for longer training sets and the Senior swimmer only. DMC is the brand recommended. Some are available from the GK Swim Shop or can be ordered direct from DMC. The Original fin is for the Intermediate type swimmer and the Training fin is for the more Advanced Senior swimmer. These fins are only used from our Age Development squads onwards.

Mono Fin

These are used for our underwater kicking and Stroke development in Butterfly and Breast Stroke. These can be ordered from our GK Swim Shop or swimmers world.

Drink Bottles

Drink Bottles must be on pool deck at all training sessions with your name on it. No sharing allowed. As you enter the intermediate squads, swimmers should start to have two bottles on pool deck as the training is longer and more intense.

Swim Caps

There is a Club Swim Cap available from the GK Swim Shop or you may use any cap for training purposes only. Only the Club Cap is permitted at Swim Meets.

Stroke Snorkel

Stroke Snorkel can be ordered through the GK Swim Shop. This is not a normal mask/snorkel used in diving. This is a major tool in stroke development and breathing fitness. Recommended to use with a nose clip, which are available from GK Swim Shop.



Technique paddles are to be just bigger than the hand and have only the middle finger strap attached (No bottom strap). Can purchase from the GK Swim Shop.


Power paddles are only for the Senior Squad Swimmers. These are to be bigger than the hand and have a bottom strap attachment to the wrist. We recommend the Engine brand. Please discuss with Head Coach of what size best suits you.


Finger paddles are a speciality item mainly for the Backstrokers. This is not a compulsory training item.


The “Sponge” is supplied by the Club, which consists of a belt, rope and sponge mattress, which is for resistance training in the water. Different sizes for different abilities.

Tempo Trainer

The Finis Tempo Trainer is an electronic tool to help with stroke timings and ratings. Only for the advanced swimmer. Can order through GK Swim Shop, but best to purchase from swimmers world in Cambridge Street.

GK Gym Shirt

It is compulsory to wear the GK swimming gym shirt to all weights/dryland sessions held at Guildford Grammar School. This shirt is not allowed at swim meets. Order from the GK Swim Shop. 

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