GK Masters - Adult Swimming



We require our Adult swimmers to be affiliated with either Masters WA or Swimming WA in order to provide a level of insurance for participants.  Who you register with will come down to which events (if any) you wish to participate in, any previous allegiance, and price.

Masters Swimming Fees are :

$88 to end Dec 2022

Fees are payable on-line during the registration process. Masters run the WOW Open Water Series, as well as a number of club run pool based meets.

Swimming WA have a membership structure ranging from Social Participation, through to a full competitive category.  Membership fees are:

$90 to end Sept 2022 for Social Participation Membership.

$225 to end Sept 2022 for Annual (full competitive) Membership.

Training Fees:

Training is paid on a per session basis (5 or 10 swim packs), with weekly, and 4-weekly plans with unlimited sessions also available.

We also run a Casual Adult Fit session which is aimed at parents of our swimmers who can use spare lanes between sessions to do your own thing.  Sessions run for an hour with coach supervision for safety only, no sets are written.

Training fees cover pool access, lane hire, and coaching where available.  All pools are closed to the general public, so you’ll enjoy training in just the company of other squad swimmers (and members) in our 6 and 8 lane heated pools.

Membership with GK Masters and Masters WA DOES NOT include any membership to Swimming WA or to GKDSC.  Membership with GKDSC and Swimming WA DOES NOT include membership to Masters WA or GK Masters.  Adult swimmers are members of either GK Masters and Masters Swimming WA, OR GKDSC and Swimming WA (or both if you wish to join both).  

For insurance purposes, you must be a member of either Swimming WA/GKDSC, or Masters Swimming/GK Masters to participate in the adult swimming programs.