Membership and Swimming Fees

The Swimming Membership Season is Oct -> Sept
Long Course Swimming (50m pools) Oct -> April
Short Course Swimming (25m pools) April -> Oct


Membership/Registration fees are for registration with Swimming Australia, Swimming WA, and the Club.

Membership includes insurance, eligibility to enter Swimming WA meets, eligibility to train with GKDSC, and other member benefits.  Membership is payable online during the registration process.

Swimming/Training fees cover pool entry for training sessions, dry lands sessions, and professional coaching.



Registration and Membership fees have 2 components - Registration to Swimming WA/Aus.

- Membership with GKDSC. 


Annual Membership (9 years and over)
SWA Registration - $121. 

Normally discounted around May each year.
GKDSC Membership - $90. 

Discounted to $45 from 1st May 2020.

TOTAL = $211

(+MSR admin fee at checkout)


Junior Dolphin Membership (8 years and under)
8yo - SWA Registration - $44

GKDSC Membership - FREE 

7yo - SWA Registration - $22

GKDSC Membership - FREE

6yo - SWA Registration - $11

GKDSC Membership - FREE

5yo - SWA Registration - FREE

GKDSC Membership - FREE


Parent Membership
Every swimmer under 18 must be accompanied by a parent membership.
SWA Registration - $0.

GKDSC Membership - $0

Masters Swimming (18 years and older)
see our Masters Swimming Page

For swimmers age 18+ who don't wish to compete at SWA levels
Masters Registration - $80
GK Masters Club Membership - $0

Technical Officals and Coaches
There is a SWA membership fee payable for Coaches and Technical Officials.  As a club we value the contribution that our Coaches and Technical Officials make in keeping our club running.  Please advise the Registrar if you require your membership renewed, or retain your membership receipt for reimbursement by the club.

Transferring Members
Transferring members will need to follow the SWA transfer process.  When transferring the process is completed outside of MySwimResults, as a result the above GKDSC Membership fees are payable directly to the club.



EFT Payments

  • GKDSC Trading Account

  • BSB: 633000

  • Acc No: 160 931 333

  • Bendigo Bank Forrestfield

Please use family name and description in transfer, eg "Smith - Training", "Jones - Equipment"

Please note that registration and the first months fees must be paid in the month of commencement.
Unpaid training fees will result in swimmers being  refused entry to the pool. Please see Treasurer if having financial difficulties. 


Training fees are due by the 10th of each month.

Monthly training fees provide access to all sessions at all pools for the squad you are a member of.

Starfish : $80.00 per month

Seals : $90.00 per month

Dolphins : $105.00 per month

Intermediate (Sharks) : $115.00 per month 

Age Development : $135.00 per month

Senior : $135.00 per month 

Senior Performance : $160.00 per month 


If you only intend on training once a week, and you notify in advance, monthly training fees across all squads (excl Snr. Perf.) are $50.


Masters Swimming
$60/month for unlimited swims

$40/month for once a week

Darling Range Sports College students receive a 50% discount on full training fees when paid by the 10th of each month.

Guildford Grammar students receive a 25% discount on full training fees when paid by the 10th of each month.

If fees are not paid by the due date (10th of each month) then the discount DOES NOT APPLY and full monthly fees will be payable

  Family Discount - The 4th swimmer for a family will receive a 50% discount on the lowest squad fee due for the month. This reduction is applicable in any month where 4 GKDSC (SWA) training fees are due and paid together.  No other discounts apply (eg school discounts) with the exception of the reduced 1 swim per week fee.  This discount does not impact eligibility to apply for assistance through the Athlete Welfare Fund.

Year 12+ Discount -Training is discounted for Year 12+ swimmers (Year 12 commences in the February of that year) who have trained continuously with the Club for a 4 complete seasons or more. These members are required to  be available for all Club Pennants, must register as a Swimmer, and be training in Seniors or Senior Performance. A $20.00 discount per month will apply for those swimmers.

Please note that training fees are subject to change. 
Training fees for the first month of membership only will be half fees for all members that commence after the 10th of the month. Thereafter full monthly fees will apply.

As soon as a swimmer trains within any month, they are liable for that months entire training fees, unless a medical certificate is provided.  Any discount offered on presentation of a medical certificate is at the discretion of the executive committee, and is decided on a case by case basis.

Swimmers not intending to swim for a complete calendar month are asked to notify the treasurer in advance to avoid the issuing of an invoice for that months training fees.

Apart from those listed above, no discounts on training fees can be offered under any circumstances.

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