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Swimming Carnival - Timing Equipment

Dolphin or Wylas timing equipment for your School Swim Carnival

Service Description

GK can support your carnival by providing the timing equipment necessary to time the races at a swim carnival. If required we can also provide extra support setting up your meet, preparing programs, running the equipment on the day, scoring, and sending results in pdf/excel after the event. If your looking at running a carnival just ask for support. We can also offer sponsorship/scholarships for your swimming champions.

  • 6 hours
  • Free
  • Specify your Location

Cancellation Policy

If your swimmer is ill in ANY way they should not attend training. If cancelling due to illness you must stay away from club activities until clear of all symptoms for 48hrs, or until medically cleared. Make up lessons will only be offered due to illness where we were informed prior to the lesson starting, and a medical certificate is supplied. In this case makeups can only be offered in classes with capacity (less than 5 swimmers)

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