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Drugs and Alcohol Policy

A significant proportion of our activities occur on school property (Darling Range Sports College and Guildford Grammar School).  As a result we have a strict no alcohol policy at all training sessions and club activities, unless specifically advertised and provisions have been made (eg Safe Transport Home).  This policy extends to activities away from the schools such as our Beach Sessions, and social functions.

As a sport, high performance athletes can be subject to random drug-testing under ASADA and FINA rules.  ASADA are often in attendance at State Championship meets for the purpose of drug testing.  It is your responsibility to ensure the safety and compliance of all substances you consume/ingest.  There are many resources to assist with making the right decision.

If you find yourself having problems with drugs and/or alcohol, below is a series of resources that may assist.  Your welfare is our first priority so if you need support please reach out to a committee member, or alternatively go direct to our State Sporting Assosciation, or the resources listed below.

Safe Sport Framework

Support Services

Healthy Club Policy

Sport Integrity Australia

Good Sport Alcohol Management Policy

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