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DR Swim - Holiday Clinic

  • Sessions to be run every day of the week Monday 8th April – Friday 12th April.  Swimmers will be booked into ALL days and charged for ALL days.
    {Except for the 3 day Breaststroke Clinic}

  • Sessions will only be run in the morning 9:00am – 11.30am.

  • We are running group stages 2 through to 8, a squad transition session, individual lessons, and a 3 day breaststroke clinic..

  • There is NO stage 1 being run during this program.

  • Numbers across all stages are limited.

  • We have a special breaststroke clinic for those swimmers in Stage 5 and 6 who need some extra assistance with breaststroke.  This will be run Monday – Wednesday. Please DO NOT enrol in this clinic if your swimmer is not currently in Stage 5 or 6. 

  • Once enrolled we are unable to refund any monies, unless a medical certificate is provided.  Teachers will be engaged for the 5 days based on enrolments.

  • There will be no make up sessions available as it is a limited session program only.

  • If you are not a current DR Swimmer, you will need to create a UDIO account to book in

  • Payment will be deducted at enrolment.

  • If you miss out on a spot please “waitlist” your swimmer and we may be able to accommodate.

Stage 1-6 is $85.00 for the 5 sessions – 30 mins each - $17/session
Stage 7-8 is $110 for the 5 sessions – 45 mins each - $22/session
Squad transition is $120 for the 5 sessions – 60 mins each - $24/session
Breaststroke sessions (for stage 5 and 6 ONLY)  is $51 for the 3 days (Mon, Tue and Wed) – 30 mins each - $17/session
Individual sessions - $150.00 for the 5 sessions – 30 mins each - $30/session
To enrol please click here –
When you enrol in to your selected class - make sure the “facility” is listed as DR SWIM (not GK Swimming). 

Any questions please email

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